We are building the business phone for Africa 💪

Millions of entrepreneurs across Africa still use their personal lines for business. Let's change that. Join Our Team.

Why are there few innovations in Telecommunications?

A phone number is a universal communication channel, yet there are no software to help businesses control, manage and leverage it for growth. This is especially painful if your business is dependent on having great customer relationships.

We're building the business phone for Africa, providing unprecedented visibility into customer interactions happening on the phone.

Imagine helping small business owners present a professional front, improve customer relationships, and ultimately, transform the way millions of them do business every day.

Our values

Customer obsession

We analyse every decision through the eyes of our customers. Everything else is secondary.


We work together to achieve success, taking on tasks beyond our own responsibilities.

Continuous improvement

We believe excellence is achieved with small improvements every day, rather than one big bang.

Bias for action

We do not like unproductive thinking. We believe most decisions and actions are reversible.

Open communication

We challenge one another’s ideas. We believe disagreement and commitment can co-exist.


We are unyielding in our shared belief that success requires grit and determination.

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