For remote work

Provide outstanding support across borders

Empower your team with a phone system that helps them stay connected and work seamlessly from home or anywhere. Resolve issues faster, delight customers, and streamline operations with PressOne Africa’s remote work phone system.

remote work phone system

Work remotely: No limits, no hassles

Work remotely: No limits, no hassles

remote work phone system

Struggling to identify improvement areas in your remote setup & support process?

Without visibility and insights into trends and team performance, enhancing the quality of service and support becomes increasingly difficult.

remote work phone system

Is your team constantly experiencing dropped calls and poor connection?

Dropped calls and poor connections not only frustrate customers but also make it hard for your team to help them quickly and effectively.

remote work phone system

Are manual call workflows and processes weighing down your remote team?

Empower your team with a remote work phone system that eliminates manual tasks like call logging, note-taking, and customer labeling, improving responsiveness and efficiency.

remote work phone system

Are your customers experiencing inconsistent service quality?

Relying on personal lines often results in uneven service quality, which can damage your business reputation and undermine customer trust.

Embrace excellence beyond
boundaries with PressOne

Embrace excellence beyond boundaries with PressOne

remote work phone system

Gain real-time insights for improvement

Identify at-risk customers early and proactively address their needs, preventing churn before it happens.

Centralize customer interactions, deliver excellence

Free up your team's time with features like call logging, appointment scheduling, and automated outreach.

Boost team efficiency with integrated workflows

Centralise all communication channels (calls, emails, chats) for a complete view of each customer's journey and a seamless experience.

Enhance your business image

Gain valuable data and insights into key metrics like customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention to track progress and optimise your efforts.

remote work phone system

We use PressOne and work remotely. Along
with 2,200 other business owners.

We use PressOne and work remotely. Along with 2,200 other business owners.

remote work phone system: wendy

Our team was swamped with paperwork and scattered information due to working remotely. PressOne brought light with a central number, automation, and insightful data. Faster resolutions, happier customers, and continuous improvement – even for a remote team. PressOne’s remote work phone system was a game-changer for us.


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Sales Specialist,
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Set up your PressOne business phone number. No extra SIM cards or hardware devices needed.


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Finalise your number setup in 10 minutes and begin the journey of seamless, centralised communication.

Don't miss out on key features
designed for remote teams 🤩

Don't miss out on key features designed for remote teams 🤩

Centralized Call Management

Improve team efficiency and consistency by replacing manual processes and siloed data with shared contacts and conversation records.

Smart Call Routing

Distribute calls to team members regardless of their location, ensuring no call or business opportunity is missed.

Call Analytics and Reporting

Track individual and team call activities, call volume and outcomes to know who's doing well and who needs help.