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Increased efficiency

Eliminate manual data entry and context switching between different tools.

Boosted productivity

Focus on what matters most and let PressOne handle the rest for you.

Enhanced customer service

Track customer interactions across all channels and provide personalised support.

Improved collaboration

Share call logs, recordings, and notes with your team effortlessly.

Key PressOne Integrations

Zoho CRM

Track call logs, log activities, and gain a complete view of your customer interactions directly within Zoho CRM.


Manage leads, close deals, and access call records effortlessly, all within the HubSpot platform.


Enhance customer support with call logs, caller details, and seamless call routing within Zendesk.


Streamline support operations with integrated call logs, caller identification, and efficient call routing.


Close deals faster with call logs, activity tracking, and one-click calling directly within PipeDrive.


Improve customer communication with call logs, caller details, and in-app call functionalities.

Chrome Extension

Make and receive calls directly from your Chrome browser, maximising convenience and accessibility.

Beyond call records

For most PressOne integrations,
you can enjoy:

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Sales Efficiency with HubSpot Integration

Before PressOne, managing call activity in our sales pipeline felt like trying to navigate Lagos traffic during rush hour – chaotic and inefficient. Manually logging calls into HubSpot was slow and prone to errors. We often lost crucial details about potential customer interactions, making it hard to follow up effectively.

Since integrating PressOne with HubSpot, all call logs automatically appear within each co...

Onyeka Johnson

Sales Manager, Eagle Eye Associates

360° customer support with Freshdesk integration

In customer support, every interaction matters, even the phone calls. But before PressOne, phone calls were like the mystery ingredient in Coke – tasty, but shrouded in secrecy. We had no record of them, making it difficult to track issues and provide a truly complete support experience.

Integrating PressOne with Freshdesk has been like adding the perfect blend of transparency and efficiency to our customer service recipe!

Janet Adebayo

Head of Client Services, Phoenix Legal Group

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