It is simplicity
at your fingertips šŸš€

Uncover the easy magic of PressOne. Get your team onboard in minutes.


Onboarding your team inĀ minutes, not hours, with no complex configurations.

Empowering your employees toĀ make and receive callsĀ from any device, seamlessly.

Gaining real-time visibility into all your business calls,Ā all from one user-friendly platform.

That's the magic of PressOne - effortless setup, intuitive usage, and complete transparency.

Here's how PressOne works,
step-by-step šŸ‘‡šŸ½

Here's how PressOne works, step-by-step šŸ‘‡šŸ½

step 1

Get your phone number

After you pay for a subscription, the first thing you do is choose your phone number. All our numbers are high-quality, reliable lines.

step 2

Bring your team on board

Invite your team members and assign roles with just a few clicks. No need for technical expertise or lengthy training.

step 3

Connect your tools (optional)

Integrate PressOne with your existing CRM if you have one calendar, or other software for a truly streamlined workflow.

step 4

Start calling and receiving

Your team can make and receive calls from their computers, phones, or tablets, using the PressOne app or web interface.

But it's not just about making calls!

See all calls in one place

Complete transparency on call activity; with call information, duration, and recordings.

Listen to call recordings

Review conversations, understand customer needs, and identify areas for training or improvement.

Embrace call transcriptions

Never miss a message, get clear transcripts delivered directly to your inbox.

Ready to see how PressOne can transform your business?

Starting from 6,000 per month

Answer every call

Answer every call professionally

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Call customers from

Call customers from anywhere

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Manage your entire phone system from one user-friendly platform. Get started today, and experience the future.