Your New Phone System

With PressOne, entrepreneurs can see all customer phone conversations made by staff or team members from anywhere, just like big companies do.

If you do not care about how your business is conducted, your very future may be at stake.
Tony Elumelu

Connect with Customers

Not talking to customers yourself? No problem. With PressOne, you can listen to conversations customers have with your business. This way, you never lose sight of your customer needs, and you can make better decisions that keep you ahead of competition.

Improve Sales & Support

Whether it’s sales, onboarding or support; customer calls are a blackbox to entrepreneurs. And what’s worse? Your people handle calls in isolation too. With PressOne, you can have shared contacts, and shared call history amongst your team, to improve your processes significantly.

Create an Impression

PressOne comes with additional benefits, one of which gives your business a better brand & image. Because, when customers calls your business, what they hear is – “Welcome to [your business name]. For enquires Press 1, to …

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