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PressOne gives you a business phone number to bring all your conversations together, so you can offer a great customer experience.


Your Current Number

A PressOne Business Number

With PressOne you can

Setup your new phone system in less than 10 minutes and enjoy these features.

A Business Number

A professional number solely for your business. No SIM card or new device needed. It cannot be lost, damaged, or stolen.​

One Number, Multiple Employees

One phone number for your team. Manage staff and monitor calls anytime, from anywhere.

Professional Welcome

Setup special welcome greeting when customers call. Give your business that touch of class.

Record Business Calls

Record calls to keep track of your customers orders or what they like. You can also use the recordings to train your team.

Call Transfer

Easily transfer calls to another team member for swift customer support.

Works Online & Offline

Receive calls with or without the internet. Calls will be forwarded to your preferred phone number when you are offline.

We serve thousands of business owners.
Trusted by fast growing startups too.

Thriving businesses choose PressOne for a reason. Join other successful businesses and startups to unlock new levels of customer retention and business growth.

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