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PressOne is a phone number with business features. If you run a business, no matter the size, then these features are critical. Your competitors are likely already using it to get ahead.

Your current phone number is
sabotaging your business

Your current phone number is sabotaging your business

Stop losing customers to inconsistent customer service

Being dependent on your team's inconsistent handling of customer interactions can create anxiety. Without assurance that they're communicating effectively, how can you ensure consistent and excellent customer service?

Halt the cycle of investing in adverts without seeing sales

You have spent money to generate leads and interests for your business. The final step involves calling these potential customers and getting them to buy. Has that given you the right result yet?

You should not have multiple phone numbers for your business

Having multiple phone numbers is often not indicative of a highly professional or well organised business. Personal lines can get busy, but a business phone number is built to always ring no matter what.

Do you feel like clients perceive and price you like a small business?

In the business world, first impressions are pivotal. Consider the impact of the initial 'hello' when a prospect calls. That first interaction often sets the tone, influencing the perceived value and price range they associate with your services.

Stop using SIM based lines
for business

PressOne unlocks essential
business advantages

PressOne unlocks essential business advantages

Deliver consistent and quality customer service

With PressOne, gain control over your phone communication, ensuring every interaction reflects your business's excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Get more out of your advertising & marketing

Convert more leads into customers with PressOne's efficient call management, enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and improve the return on your investment.

Unify your presence with a singular professional business number

Streamline your communication with one professional business number, eliminating confusion and projecting a well-organised, reliable business image.

Enhance your business perception and value

Impress your customers right from the first 'hello'. PressOne ensures every interaction begins with a warm and polished greeting, setting the tone for excellent service and professionalism.

Enjoy the benefits of a business
phone number

We built PressOne for ourselves, and we
still use it today. Along with 2,200
other business owners.

We built PressOne for ourselves, and we still use it today. Along with 2,200 other business owners.

Since switching to PressOne Africa, the transformation in our customer interactions has been phenomenal. We no longer worry about missed opportunities or juggling multiple numbers – our single PressOne number handles it all with incredible efficiency. Clients now comment on how professional and seamless their experience with us is, which has significantly boosted our brand and, in turn, our sales. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for the business!


COO, Timart

COO, Timart

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Don't miss out on key features
you can enjoy today 🤩

Don't miss out on key features you can enjoy today 🤩

Advanced Call Management

Never miss a lead again. Use advanced features like call forwarding and routing, to ensure every customer interaction is an opportunity for growth.

Call Analytics and Reporting

Make smarter business decisions with call analytics. Understand your customer interactions better and tailor your services to meet their needs, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Customisable Caller Greetings

Create a lasting first impression with custom caller greetings. Tailor your welcome message to reflect your brand's personality and professionalism.