PressOne Call AI: The Key to Unlocking Customer Loyalty and Business Growth for Nigerian Small Businesses

Tue, 27 Jun 2023

As small businesses wrestle with narrowing profit margins and fierce competition, tapping into customer loyalty is emerging as a secret weapon for driving revenue growth. To unlock this growth potential, PressOne Africa introduces Call AI.

PressOne Africa’s Call AI is an innovative AI-driven tool that analyses customer calls in real-time. This allows businesses to instantly detect and swiftly address customer grievances. In doing so, it not only prevents customer churn but promotes repeat business – a critical driver for sustainable revenue growth.


“Small businesses are pivotal to our economy, and equipping them with growth-enabling tools is vital,” says Mayowa Okegbenle, CEO of PressOne Africa. “Our Call AI solution empowers them to anticipate and respond to customer needs promptly, ensuring customer loyalty and facilitating business growth.”


Before Call AI, businesses solely relied on call notes and missed out on understanding unsatisfied customers who ended calls unresolved. With PressOne Africa’s Call AI, businesses can utilise advanced technology to translate customer sentiments into actionable insights, fostering customer loyalty and catalysing revenue growth.

PressOne Africa’s Call AI seamlessly integrates into the PressOne cloud-based phone system and is also available as a stand-alone solution. This flexibility ensures businesses, regardless of their existing setups, can leverage the benefits of real-time customer insights.


“Utilising our technology, small business owners can keep a pulse on their customer sentiments, without needing to be in the office.” adds Unoma Adeyemi, Co-founder of PressOne Africa. “This is critical in today’s economy, where creating loyal customers contributes more to business growth than acquiring new ones.”


Key benefits of PressOne’s Call AI solution include:

  • Instantly understand what your customers are saying to your team during calls, so you can fix any problems right away, ultimately boosting your sales and retention rates.
  • Gain insights into customer needs and sentiments to shape your marketing and sales tactics, and grow your business.
  • Use with your current phone setup, no need to purchase any phone or hardware devices.
  • Setup and start enjoying all business benefits in less time than it takes to order a pizza.
  • Affordable plans, starting from ₦4,999 per month.


To learn more about PressOne Call AI tool and how it can help your business adapt and thrive in Nigeria’s challenging economy, click here.

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