A Business Number Vs A Personal Number: Which is best for you?

Fri, 16 Sep 2022

Many entrepreneurs start off their business with a personal number, and this is understandable at first. However, when you look at it from a business and long-term perspective, you are only setting yourself up to lose out on big clients and good deals. Your ersonal life and business are very different fields that require mutually exclusive approaches.


Why You Should Never Use A Personal Number For Your Business


You can’t differentiate between personal and business calls
Calls come in, and you don’t know how to answer because it just might be a business call…or is it a personal call?


You’ll lack professionalism and packaging
It takes just 7 seconds to create an impression, good or bad. When your first point of contact with a customer is through the phone, that first impression comes down to your phone greeting. Imagine if you had a greeting like this:
“Hello, thanks for calling XYZ Catering, we are pleased to be of service to you. A representative will be with you shortly.”
Also, if you’re serving customers across the country, having a business number is a great way to make your business look big and more accessible.


You have no control over your life
Work-life balance is really important to maintain sanity. When your business and personal phone numbers are the same, it’s impossible to turn one off without turning off the other. So, even though you are closed for business, you most likely still want to be available for friends and family. What will you do? Late-night calls and texts from clients can make it impossible to stop thinking about work.

You’ll have multiple phone numbers for business.

Without a single business number, your team is stuck managing multiple phone lines for the company, which can be confusing and hard to keep track of for both employees and customers.


Why You Need A Business Number


Customers keep pricing you down

Your customers keep pricing you like a meat seller because there is no difference between how you do business and how market people do business. Why should they not price your market? Do you ever ask for “last price” in supermarkets? No, because of branding and packaging. But we can price at roadside stands right? A business number gives you the leverage a supermarket has, where customers take your price because they see you as a proper and credible business. The best part? You can get set this up in 10 minutes or less, click here to see how.


Your team can use one single phone number that represents your business


You can be flexible with your working hours

Feel free to get on with other business activities like bookkeeping, operations, HR, meetings, etc. You can also share your business number with colleagues and employees and either forward calls to them or voicemail.


Have a personal and work phone number on the same phone

You can have both your personal and business phone number on the same device and eliminate the need to carry multiple devices everywhere you go. With a reliable business number app like PressOne, your personal calls are easily segregated from your business calls, so that there is no mix up and invasion of personal space and time.


Without a business phone number, your clients will doubt your level of professionalism. This affects your business image, regardless of the quality of your goods or services. With PressOne, you can get a proper phone number for your business in minutes, click here to learn more.

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