See all customer calls wherever you are

Problems with your sales process? Worried about quality of your customer service? You can only improve what you can see.

What is PressOne?

PressOne is a business phone system that puts all your customer communications in one place, even if your team is not in one place. Large successful companies use a similar system, but PressOne has been built for entrepreneurs

Setup in less than 10 minutes

If you don’t handle customer calls yourself, then you have to use a proper phone system for business. We have made it affordable for you to enjoy the benefits.

For Small Business

Purchase phone numbers for your staff, and manage them centrally. Staff can't leave with your customers.

Welcome Greetings

Setup special welcome greeting when customers call. Give your business that touch of class.

Set Your Business Hours

Let PressOne handle customer calls outside of business hours, while you have your me time.

Record Business Calls

Now you can automatically record all calls within your business. You don't know when you might need it.

Works Online & Offline

Calls will be forwarded to your SIM phone number when you are not connected to internet.

Unlimited Call History

Enjoy unlimited call history that is stored on the cloud. Reach out to old contacts and generate new business

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