Live Call is great for your website...

and adding a PressOne subscription makes it better, because you will be able to receive calls directly on your phone with or without internet.

Add a PressOne business number to your Live Call at 25% off

Turn website visitors into paying customers with PressOne

Your website helps you generate leads, a PressOne business phone number helps you convert those leads into paying customers.

Make every call count: Get more sales from your website

You need a business phone number that helps you make the most out of every business inquiry. A Regular SIM number won't cut it.

Make a big first impression

When your callers hear "Hello, welcome to YourBusinessName, how many we serve you today?" they know they are dealing with a credible and professional, and they can trust you with their money.

Never miss a customer

With one single business number that can be shared by multiple team members and be used to receive multiple calls simultaneously regardless of where they are, every inquiry gets attended to.

Don't waste your customer's time

Your potential customers have taken an extra step to call you. Make it worth their while by addressing their concerns immediately. Divert calls to the right individual or team member with a phone menu (IVR). E.g. Press 1 for inquiries, Press 2 for support.

Monitor all calls within your business

Ensure customers are attended to properly by monitoring phone conversations through call recordings. Spot areas for improvement and train your team to manage conversations effectively.

Call tracking & reports:

Track calls with call analytics & sentiment analysis to see what works and what doesn't, and how customers feel about your business. so you can make changes to can make more sales!

Modern Business Phone for Africa

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