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Why A PressOne Number?

Having a PressOne business number can definitely boost your sales game.
This is what a PressOne number does for your business:

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Good Impression

Create a good impression. Let customers experience your business personality from the first 'hello'.

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Build Credibility

A business phone number that makes you clients know that you are committed to your business.

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Command more respect from potential and existing clients when they put a call through to your company.

Faster Response

Receive messages faster. Allow clients leave voicemails when you are unavailable, so you can follow up quickly.

Feedback from Our Customers

“I run a PR agency for startups. In PR, you have to be professional. With my PressOne number, my clients have respected my professionalism. They do not treat my business like a random one, even though I do not have a physical office.”



PR Consultant (Lagos)

“With my PressOne number, I can conveniently take time out without feeling like I’m ignoring my customers. It is good to automatically transfer client calls to my team when I’m unavailable. Having a PressOne number has made things easier for me.”



Event Manager (Lagos)

“I have always had issues with having my guys talk to my clients. It was a problem I thought had no solution  to. With a PressOne number, I can monitor every call that comes in or goes out in real time, and my staff cannot poach my clients.”



Realtor (Lagos)