Introducing the PressOne Africa Developer Program

SDKs and APIs to transform the way
your users communicate

Imagine enabling real-time voice conversations directly within your app, unlocking new possibilities for customer engagement, support, and automation.

Leverage PressOne’s voice APIs to build secure solutions and enable seamless integration with websites and apps

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Make Your Products Awesome

With our developer tools, you can now embed powerful phone call functionality into any application.

Empower Person-to-Person Connections

Enable users to make and receive phone calls within your app, fostering real-time conversations,

Automate communication

Schedule reminders, notifications, and even marketing campaigns with automated phone calls.

Streamline customer support

Integrate in-app calling for instant customer support, resolving issues faster and improving user satisfaction.

Unlock new revenue streams

Offer innovative voice-based services and features that differentiate your app and create new revenue opportunities.

Enhanced buying experiences

Turn visitors into buyers with one-click calling for product inquiries.

Explore our Developer Tools

Voice OTP

A more reliable alternative to SMS for One time Passwords (OTP).

Call SDK

Easily integrate two-way calling capabilities into your web and mobile app.

Live Call Widget (Support SDK)

Add a “click-to-call” button to your website or app for instant customer support.

Call Events

Trigger automated actions in your product based on call events like call completed, call missed, and so on.

Why PressOne Africa?

Leaders in Voice Communication Infrastructure for Startups in Nigeria

Africa’s tech scene is booming, and PressOne Africa is at the forefront of innovation in voice communication. Sign up for our developer program today and unlock the power of calls for your applications.

Modern Business Phone for Africa


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