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To get the best out of the checklist, you need a call service that lets you deliver calls like the big businesses.


With PressOne you can do this!


Elizabeth Solaja, Brand Director @ ZivaMay Media

PressOne allows you to give people that big company call experience without being a big company.

Our amazing team of passionate and talented people have built a powerful platform that allows businesses of any size to deliver professional call experiences like the biggest and best companies.

With PressOne:

  • Your number can never be lost or stolen, even if you lose your phone.
  • Your number is never “switched off”. It always rings even if your phone is dead. So you never miss any opportunity.
  • You can see all calls within your business. If you need someone to make and receive calls in your business, you simply invite them to use the same number, and you see all activities.
  • Employees can’t leave with your contact list or customers when they leave your business.
  • PressOne can be installed on personal devices, so no need to purchase “office phones”.
  • Finally, you can setup your PressOne with a welcome greeting that callers hear. This gives your business a better brand & image.

With PressOne, people will:

  • Trust you ✅
  • Buy from you ✅
  • Refer you ✅
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