Get Customers Like A Big Company. Without Spending Like A Big Company.

Remember the last time you went to the market and bargained with the sellers?

You probably did this because you perceived the market seller as small and therefore able to be negotiated with.

However, when you go to a supermarket, you don’t bargain with the cashier. You simply pay whatever is on the sticker. This is because you perceive the supermarket as a big company and therefore not open to negotiation.

The same principle applies to your business. If potential customers perceive your business as small, they may doubt your quality, and not do business with you.


  • What if you can get potential customers to treat you like they do big companies?
  • What if you can get customers to pay whatever you charge?

With PressOne you can do this!

PressOne allows you to give people that big company call experience without being a big company.

With PressOne you can:

Elizabeth Solaja, Brand Director @ ZivaMay Media

”The Best Ever!’

“I run a PR agency for startups. In PR, you have to be professional. With PressOne, my clients have respected my professionalism. They do not treat my business like a random one, even though I don’t have a physical office”

PR Consultant

For Growing Business

Purchase phone numbers for your staff, and manage them centrally. Staff can't leave with your customers.

Professional Welcome

Setup special welcome greeting when customers call. Give your business that touch of class.

Set Your Business Hours

Let PressOne handle customer calls outside of business hours, while you have your me time.

Record Business Calls

Now you can automatically record all calls within your business. You don't know when you might need it.

Works Online & Offline

Calls will be forwarded to your SIM phone number when you are not connected to internet

Voice Message

Allow customers leave you with voice messages whenever you are unavailable.

Unlimited Call History

Enjoy unlimited call history that is stored on the cloud. Reach out to old contacts and generate new business

Call Extension

Route calls directly to specific team members through their PressOne extentions.

Call Transfer

Place calls on hold while you transfer to another team member for swift customer support.

With PressOne, people will:

  • Trust you ✅
  • Buy from you ✅
  • Refer you ✅

Elizbeth Solaja, Brand Director @ ZivaMay Media uses PressOne. Here’s what she has to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PressOne work?

It’s very easy to use PressOne. Fill the form below, Create an Account, & subscribe to the monthly plan recommended for your business. Set up your number, add your staff/team, and you are good to go.

Do I need internet for PressOne?

You can receive customer calls with or without an internet connection. Your PressOne number does not require a sim-card or internet connection to function.

Can I have my own customised business greeting?

Yes, you can set up a customized professional greeting for your business. You can set up both a ‘welcome greeting’, an ‘unavailable greeting’, and an ‘out of office’ greeting. 

What type of phone number do I get?

You can get a landline number (01-### ####) or a mobile number (090 ### ####). The choice is yours.

Can I set my office hours on PressOne?

Yes, you can. If you want, you can tell PressOne to automatically divert all calls outside of business hours to the virtual attendant system. When you get back, you will be able to listen to your messages on your voicemail.

Will I lose my PressOne number if my phone goes missing or gets damaged?

No, your PressOne number can never be lost, damaged or stolen. Even if your phone is switched off or dead, your PresOne number will ring on your alternative device or number, and attend to customers for  you.  If your phone gets stolen or lost, you can deactivate your PressOne number  on your new device and download the PressOne app again. It’s like you never missed a thing!

Used and trusted by over 1900 business owners, PressOne helps small and medium businesses operate like big companies, without spending a lot of money.


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