How to Transition from a Landline Phone to a Business Phone

landline phone

Picture this: Your phone rings, and you scramble to answer, but it’s another frustrated customer asking why no one picked up. Meanwhile, your team is juggling multiple lines, trying to stay connected while feeling hopelessly disconnected. Sound familiar? If your business still relies on a traditional landline, you’re not alone. But let’s be honest, those […]

5 Growth Hacks Every Nigerian Business Should Know About (That Actually Work)

growth hack for nigerian business

Running a small business in Nigeria is no joke. The hustle is real! You pour your blood, sweat, and maybe even a few tears into your venture, hoping to see it grow. But sometimes, it feels like you’re running in place, barely making any progress. We get it. The power cuts, fluctuating exchange rates, and […]

10 Ways Call Recordings Can Help Your Business

Call Recording

Running a business is a big deal, but do you know what is bigger? Knowing exactly what your customers are saying, and what they are being told. As a serious business owner, narratives about your business cannot be left to chance. This is why it is important to take advantage of a powerful way of […]

Top Tips for Registering a Company Phone Number in Nigeria

Tips for Registering a Company Number

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to upgrade your existing one, there are a few practical steps to take. One of the most important is securing a phone number that customers can use to reach you. It’s your direct line to clients, partners, and growth. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through […]

What Is Call Tracking And How Does It Work?

What Is Call Tracking

Mr Oladele is the proud CEO of QuickShop, a fast-growing small business that audits the accounts of other small businesses. However, despite being a great auditor, he has a huge problem with tracking all his potential customers and taking the steps necessary to turn them into paying customers. He would regularly acquire a long list […]

Leveraging Virtual Phone Numbers for Effective Remote Work Management

Leveraging Virtual Phone Numbers

The modern workplace is changing rapidly. Remote work, once uncommon, is now very popular. Companies worldwide have recognised the benefits of a distributed workforce, from increased productivity and lower overhead costs to access to a wider talent pool. However, this shift hasn’t been without its challenges. Maintaining seamless communication and collaboration across different time zones […]

Crafting a Winning Business Proposal: Essential Elements to Secure the Deal

Crafting a Winning Business Proposal

​​Did you know that 80% of successful projects begin with a well-crafted business proposal? It’s the key to securing partnerships, winning clients, and unlocking new growth opportunities. But creating a proposal that truly captivates decision-makers is no easy feat. Many businesses struggle to make their proposals stand out from the crowd. They grapple with questions […]

Beyond Borders: Choosing a Flexible Virtual Phone Number for Your Growing Nigerian Business

Flexible Virtual Phone Number

Picture this: It’s the peak of the holiday shopping season, and your Lagos-based online store is attracting interest from potential customers around the world. But your traditional phone system is rooted in Nigeria, leaving international shoppers hesitant to call and potentially missing out on valuable sales. You’re not just losing calls; you’re limiting your growth […]