Want something better as an entrepreneur?

You are not alone...

The Problem

Phone conversations remains a major means of communication among African businesses. Small business owners  currently use personal lines as their business numbers. Hence, they lack access into customer-employee conversations. This has caused business shutdown and conflicts between clients, employees and the entrepreneur. Poor customer retention and high employee turnover are few of the impacts to small businesses.  PressOne Africa now provides  shared phone number for small teams  within African SMEs at affordable prices. This allows efficiency, transparency, and professionalism. Now, teams can communicate with accountability and customers can receive the same customer service experience they get from multinationals from the small businesses

Our Mission

We want to change what it means to be an entrepreneur by giving entrepreneurs a new name, one that commands utmost respect and adoration.

We want entrepreneurs to see themselves as deserving of high esteem and such entrepreneurs must be quick to separate themselves from mere hustlers. When entrepreneurs associate with our brand, they must feel this transformation.

Our Purpose

We want to make it easier to run a world class business.

World class means different things to different people. For those with plenty, world class means perfection. For those with little, world class means better.

Brand Positioning Statement

For ambitious entrepreneurs who need to position themselves as professional and credible, PressOne Africa offers accessible world class professional business numbers at sachet subscriptions because we believe every ambitious African entrepreneur is big enough to grow bigger through professionalism and credibility.

Our Values


We are creative thinkers and value indigenous ideas. We love to think outside the box. Every problem is an opportunity.


We hate excuses. We take responsibility and we are efficient in delivering the best services that bring results


We work to impact. We respect opinins and we acknowledge expertise. We respect one another as professionals


We are problem solvers, we think critically and we set ourselves apart through professionalism and expertise