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More than just a number, your business phone is your
secret weapon. Upgrade from using regular SIM cards,
to a phone system that powers business growth.

More than just a number, your business phone is your secret weapon. Upgrade from using regular SIM cards to a phone system that powers business growth.


Give your business prestige with caller greeting


Track all calls being made within your business


Turn phone calls into a powerful sales channel.

business phone number: Pressone Africa

Get more out of your
business phone

Never miss an opportunity

Your business number can be shared by multiple people. Notify everyone when a call comes in, or use a phone menu to send callers to the right unit or person.

business phone number: Pressone Africa
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Improve work/life balance

Get more control of your business and better work/life balance by customising open and closed hours on your business phone number.

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Gain better business oversight

See an overview of call analytics as well as listen to call recordings, review conversations, and leave comments to help your team improve.

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business phone number Nigeria

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Kickstart your journey with a plan tailored to your business needs, starting at just ₦6,000.


Get a new business phone number

Check your email for a link to choose your business number, and set it up in 10 minutes.


Invite your team to use PressOne

Collaborate effortlessly with your team members onboard. You select the level of access they would have.


Enjoy awesome benefits on PressOne

Share your business phone number with customers, and begin the journey of seamless, centralized communication.

Used by 2,200 business
owners and counting

Used by 2,200 business owners and counting

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With PressOne, coordinating our team of 12 has never been smoother. We can track all our calls, ensuring every team member is on the same page and every customer query is addressed promptly. It's our team's communication lifeline.


COO, Timart

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As an insurance company, every client interaction is an opportunity to reinforce trust. PressOne Africa empowers us to convert every call into a meaningful touchpoint, helping us connect better with customers and secure more deals.


Sales Team Lead, Finosell

The Best Customer Success Platform For Your Teams: adekolajo

In a sector like ours, professionalism and efficiency are non-negotiable. PressOne Africa allows us to handle client communications with precision and grace. Flexible business hours ensure we're able to support our clients when they require our expertise the most.


Former Customer Success Manager, Traction Apps


In the dynamic world of stock trading, every call holds the potential for significant transactions. PressOne helps us transform our phone conversations into strategic opportunities to close deals and create lasting client relationships.


Sales Specialist, Market equity

customer service phone system: victor

In IT and technology, our work demands precision and professionalism. PressOne Africa has been instrumental in streamlining our operations and ensuring we handle client communications effectively and professionally.


Assistant Operations Manager, 301 Hag

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